Bodies, Atoms, Environments: Re-imaging the Human

Where do we see the boundary between body and environment? 

At the atomic level, humans are made of exactly the same material as the environment. But what does this mean for our ideas of where the human body begins and the environment ends?

This workshop led by poetry scholar Dr Sarah Daw, bioengineer Dr Sara Correia Carreira and artist Laura Denning will explore how science can transform our understanding of our bodies and the environment. Reimagine the human from new cellular and subatomic perspectives, and reconnect with the environment through immersive soundscapes and “projective” poetry writing.

  • Close your eyes and listen to a soundscape and narration that explores our multiple sensory engagements with the environment
  • Record your responses in chalk marks on paper
  • Sara will introduce case studies from the history of biology that question the boundaries and interfaces between the human body and the environment
  • Look at skin samples through microscopes and learn about the science (and future) of skin
  • Sarah will introduce Charles Olson’s “projective” poetry, and invite you to compose your own poem using Olson’s immersive multisensory writing techniques
  • Share new ideas of what it means to be human and how we relate to the environment

Tickets not yet on sale. 



14 May

21 May

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The Studio

Who for

Ages 14+


Tickets not yet on sale. 


Start: 7pm

Duration: 90 minutes

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