Look | How will the world change in my lifetime?

by Ella Trudgeon, Ellie Amos and Rochelle Abraham

Without action, by 2050 there could be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

An area of tropical forest the size of India could also disappear due to deforestation.

But it doesn't have to be that way. We have the opportunity to make change.

At COP26 governments, businesses, citizens and leaders from all over the world came together in Glasgow to discuss climate change. Lots of commitments were made, including a promise to end deforestation by the end of this decade.


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This image shows what the oceans could look like if we change now. If we reduce waste and pollution, our oceans could be full of fish and coral.

The picture is made up of the wonderful artwork of the students of May Park Primary School and Stone with Woodford Primary School. 

This image shows the rainforests if we do change. If we reduce waste, pollution and reduce deforestation, our rainforests could be full of plants, trees and animals. 

The picture is made up of the incredible artwork of the students of May Park Primary School.

So, what was agreed at COP26?

Leaders from all over the world, promised to help tackle climate change by:

  • Meeting in 2022 to pledge further cuts to emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) – this is to try and keep temperature rises within 1.5C
  • Phasing down the use of coal – which is currently responsible for 40% of annual CO2 emissions.
  • Significantly increasing money to help poorer countries cope with the effects of climate change, and make the switch to clean energy.
  • Stopping deforestation by 2030.
  • Reducing methane emissions by a third by 2030.
  • Directing finance away from fossil fuel-burning industries towards renewable energy.

Find out more about the COP26 commitments

How can we help make change?

The challenge for everyone now is helping to turn the promises made at COP26 into action.

It's important that we hold our leaders to account. You can get your voice heard by contacting your local MP with your climate concerns. Find out who your local MP is and how to contact them.

There's also lots of small changes we can make in our own lives that will make a difference. From reducing waste and plastic to reusing and upcycling, here's some ideas of what you can do.


This content was produced by our digital content creators Ella, Ellie and Rochelle as part of UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres #ProjectInspire.

Thanks to May Park Primary School and Stone with Woodford Primary School - thank you for giving us your amazing drawings! Huge thanks also to Creative Tuition for their mentorship and support.

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