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Music by Nick Bignall, Visuals by Anna Henley



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Families and adults

Since the first humans, we’ve felt a connection to the stars, dreaming of what might exist beyond our world.  The stars, distant and eternal, are hypnotic. Looking towards them we allow our focus to drift - our sensitivity to the light slowly grows. The sky is set alight with a twinkling infinity. 

In the modern world there are countless distractions that can sever this connection. With that in mind, we’ve created this ten minute relaxation aid. It joins calming space visuals with a bespoke binaural soundtrack created by musician Nick Bignall.

We recommend stereo headphones to fully enjoy the mesmerising effect of these calming space sounds. So, dim the lights, and find your Space for Relaxation. 


This show was created on an Evans & Sutherland Digistar system.


Visuals - Anna Henley 

Music - Nick Bignall



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