Watch | Can you eat real food in space?

by Paul Cornish


From your computer or your kitchen

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Families and adults

Astronauts have got to eat, right?  But how exactly do astronauts cook in space and what might they eat?

As part of our ongoing ‘Hareclive in Space’ project with Bristol’s Room 13, the year 6 pupils of Hareclive E-Act academy have asked us another fantastically curious question: can we cook in space? 

In this challenge, our Planetarium presenters Lydia and Paul will prepare a healthy, exciting meal whilst simulating the same conditions that would be faced by astronauts 420km above the Earth on the International Space Station.

What will they make? And will it be edible? Watch this fun challenge to find out!


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering – ‘how are meals are prepared in space’ – why not have a go at this challenge yourself? How would you cook a meal if everything in your kitchen was floating? 

This could be an ideal fun space activity and science experiment for kids.

Many thanks to Room 13 for their support and expertise, to the Science and Technology Facilities Council for funding this project, and to Tom Rodgers and Hayley Fick for sharing the benefit of their experience with us.