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by Paul Cornish


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What does it look like on the edge of the Universe?

Is there a planet out there we don’t know about? And if so, how do we know it’s there?

What is on the other side of a black hole?

The pupils of Hareclive E-Act Academy have been finding some very creative ways to consider such cosmic questions.

Credit: Room 13 Hareclive

Working in Room 13 - an independent, art studio based in the school grounds and run by the children themselves - the pupils of Hareclive have created their own space-age quiz show.  

In ‘A Question in Space’ they use their imaginations and artistic skill to discuss some of the questions about space that they have been asking We the Curious.

Credit: Room 13 Hareclive

Playing the part of host Max Armstrong has made Sam consider becoming an actor, while both Sophie and Makrin found playing astronauts Ripley and Apollo to be “a pleasure”.

Willow feels the role of Super Nova was a “a small part in the film” but nevertheless, a character who “asked an important question.”

Liam enjoyed seeing his and Lewis’ creation, Blue the Alien come to life. “It was surprising to see the character I helped make on the screen; especially as I played the voice of the character as well.”

Check out the video above and see these talented individuals in action for yourself, in ‘A Question in Space’ – the show that doesn’t underestimate science!

Credit: Room 13 Hareclive

‘A Question in Space’ was created by: Room 13 Hareclive


Sam - Max Armstrong

Makrin - Apollo

Maisie - Mini Jemison

Sophie - Ripley

Poppy - Stella the artist

Liam & Lewis - Blue the Alien

Willow - Super Nova

Y5 Creative Team: Lacy, Maisie, Sophie, Makrin & Poppy

Y6 Creative Team: Jadzia, Liam & Lewis

Y1 - Y6s helping with drawings and ideas

Lead Artist Directors: Shani Ali & Paul Bradley

Film Maker: Paul Bradley

Produced by: The Management Team at Room 13 Hareclive

A massive thanks to the Year 6 pupils at Hareclive E-Act Academy whose ideas, questions and prototypes have inspired this article as part of our Hareclive in Space project.

Many thanks to Room 13 for their support and expertise and to the Science and Technology Facilities Council for funding this project.