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by Paul Cornish


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A team of scientists at Exeter University are giving the phrase “look to the skies” a whole new meaning. They’ve created incredible 360 degree tours of exoplanet environments which you can experience at home.

Whilst they’re best enjoyed with a VR (Virtual Reality) headset, you can view them on any device. Have a watch below or hop over to our You Tube channel

Visit real exoplanets

The first guided VR tour takes us on a journey to visit animated recreations of real exoplanets – planets that orbit distant stars outside of our solar system. You can also experience some of these stunning views inside the We The Curious Planetarium as part of our Autumn Stargazing show.

Discover distant worlds

In the second video researchers and school children come together to tell a story of the exploration of exoplanets. The spectacular animation gives us a further glimpse of what we might one day find when the vast gulf between us and these distant worlds has finally been physically crossed.

Exploring alien climates

Both 360 degree animations were created by the Exeter Exoplanet Theory Group, working alongside We the Curious and VFX company Engine House

The Exeter Exoplanet Theory Group specialise in exoclimatology. Using information gathered on exoplanets, they create mathematical models of the climate on alien worlds. In their own words they are “exploring our galaxy, one atmosphere at a time”.

 “Sometimes the science leads and other times the creative idea was in place first,” says Jason Robbins - Co-Owner & Studio Director of Engine House. “In the first video there were hot, windy and dusty locations so we felt a water-based location would complement it well. Whereas in the second video Exeter really wanted a tidally locked exoplanet in there and the science of it is so interesting that, rather than go wild with it we just did our best to represent the reality of what it would be like.”

If you like the VR tours and want to find out more about exoplanets, you can check out Exoplanet Explorers - an online game also created by the Exeter Exoplanet Theory Group.


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