Testing things out together

A collection of behind-the-scenes stories about We The Curious, the work we do and how we can all get curious together.

Testing things out together

Today we have the entirety of human knowledge available at our fingertips, so as a science centre we set out to be more than a building full of signs explaining how stuff works. 

At We The Curious we’re not just aiming for more people to have access to science but to completely shift how people see it. It is messy, creative, collaborative, living, breathing and for everyone — an integral part of culture.  

We want to break down physical and cultural barriers that stop people feeling connected or served by science  

We The Curious is an educational charity. We belong to our city and have a responsibility to be as relevant and inclusive as possible. Our vision is to create a better world together, one where everyone is included, curious and inspired by science. . 


Our vision is guided by our 5 manifesto pledges: 

We The Curious will:

_Cultivate curiosity

_ Open up science in our city

_ Enable diverse participation

_ Strive for sustainable futures

_ Build Resilience


As a connected, creative human ecosystem of staff, collaborators, researchers, participants, and citizens of Bristol and beyond, we are always learning, always testing things out.  

Here’s a collection of stories from across our journey and manifesto pledges. Keep checking back - we'll always keep adapting, refining, striving to be better, so we can make sure we are here for everyone.