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Use items you find around the house to make a wind chime.

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Our building is closed right now, but that doesn't mean we can't do some science at home.


You will need

  • Some string
  • A yoghurt pot, tin can or bowl. To make the top of our wind chime!
  • Some sticky tape or Blu-tack to keep the wind chime together.
  • Objects from around the house that will make our bells. We used some cutlery, but you could use lolly sticks, yoghurt pots, old CDs, old keys, tin cans. Ask an adult to help you choose!
  • You might like to decorate your wind chime, we did this with some paper and colouring pens/pencils.


At Home!

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Wind Chimes

Did you know that wind chimes can be dated all the way back to Ancient Rome?

In Ancient Rome they were called a tintinnabulum!

Let’s have a go at making our own wind chime!



Wind chimes made in Ancient Rome were called ‘tintinnabulum’.

Tintinnabula were made from bronze and often had lots of bells hanging from something shaped like a person.

Romans thought that the sound of bells would keep away evil spirits and bring good luck.

Make your own wind chime

1. Decorate your wind chime (you can do this at the beginning or the end).

2. Now cut your string to different lengths.

3. Attach the string to each of your bells. We tied string to cutlery and used sticky tape.

4. Add each bell to the top of your wind chime (a tin can). Sticky tape or Blu-Tack works well here!

5. Find somewhere to hang your windchime! You may need to change the lengths of string to get the best sounds.


Some questions for you to think about:

What could you change on your wind chime to make the noise a higher or lower sound?

What affects the volume of the sound created by your wind chime?

Try making bells from a different material, how does this affect the sound of your wind chime?


And here's one from our collection of 10,000 questions

Genevie age 9 wants to know

‘Do people hear sounds differently to me?'

Share your creation

Did you manage to make a wind chime? What chimes did you use?

We would love to see your wind chimes, and you can find us on:

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Top image credit: Daniel Watkiss

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