Space Gallery

Begin your journey into the world of the astronaut.


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See yourself as an astronaut in a space port, try to pick up a holographic Mars rock, see cosmic ray trails, leanabout life in near-Earth orbit and discover the challenges of sending hunas into deep space. 

Teachers - download our Exhibit Sheets below.

Meteorite Mirage primary.pdf Meteorite Mirage secondary.pdf
Nothing matters primary.pdf Nothing matters secondary.pdf
Space walk primary.pdf Space walk secondary.pdf
Thermal challenge primary.pdf Thermal challenge secondary.pdf
View of Earth primary.pdf View of Earth secondary.pdf


Planning your visit

Space Gallery, as one of the exhibition spaces in We The curious, is open all day every day.

Opening times

10am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
10am - 6pm, Weekends and Bristol school holidays

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FREE with standard admission


First floor

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