We Are Aliens 3D

KS2 / KS3 / KS4/ Post 16
3D duration 30 minutes Pre-recorded

Earth. It’s a small world. The human race is connected better and faster than ever before but what about elsewhere in the Universe? Could we one day be part of a galactic community sharing our knowledge and ideas, or is Earth the only planet with life? We Are Aliens! Is an utterly charming and scientifically fascinating film that takes you on an epic ride in the hunt for the evidence of alien life - finely balancing science, education and entertainment and succeeding in delighting everyone – young or old. Narrated by Rupert Grint (of Harry Potter fame) and made with input from leading UK astronomers – all with the help of stunning 3D graphics. 

Created by NSC Creative. Supported by STFC.


KS2 / KS3 / KS4 / Post 16


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