We The Curious Portables! Science sets available to hire

Our portable exhibits are having their summer service and are therefore currently unavailable for hire.

Please contact us for more information about availability.


About our Portable exhibits

Our portable science exhibits are designed to extend the reach of our hands-on science centre and encourage active, discovery-based learning. They are a great way to bring exciting science to schools and colleges that may find it difficult to visit us, providing the opportunity to explore intriguing scientific phenomenon in the classroom and develop observational and critical thinking skills.

The Portables can be used in many different ways or environments and with a variety of audiences - all that is required is a table and access to a mains electricity supply. There are 14 to choose from and a set of 8 fits easily into the boot of a car.

View images of all portables here.

Supporting worksheets

Each exhibit has an accompanying investigation worksheet and answer sheet to help structure and support student's learning. These are aimed at KS2 to KS4 and are fully updated for the new curriculum and available for download (see below).

How to Hire

Hiring a set of 8 Portables costs only £90 (+VAT) for one week. Additional Portables can be added at a cost of £10 (+VAT) per exhibit.

Please note that we require all hires to be collected and returned to We The Curious Science Centre and that the hire period runs from 9am Monday to 5pm Friday. Portables can sometimes be collected at other times (including weekends) by arrangement. Customers will also require adequate insurance to cover any loss or damage.

To find out more or to make a booking please email portables@wethecurious.org

Risk assessments

Risk assessments are specific to each organisation and location and so will need to be completed by you prior to use. Our Health and Safety guidelines and a generic (blank) risk assessment are available for download to help with this.

Portables health and safety guidelines.pdf 

Generic risk assessment.pdf 

Portables Hire Contract.pdf

Portable exhibit details

​Select from 14 exhibits below (subject to availability). 


Air Stream      

Float balls in an air vent to investigate forces and air pressure     


Food Fuel 

Compare the energy from food with energy used during exercise                      


Future Fuels (currently unavailable)

Combust hydrogen and oxygen and use the energy to propel a ball                    


Hot or Cold   

Use hot plates and thermo-chromic tiles to explore thermal conductivity         


It’s a Drag

Explore resistance and surface areas as balls fall through liquids                      


Look at Light 

Use prisms and a light box to examine how light travels                                    


Moving Magnets        

Investigate forces and electricity by dropping a magnet through tubes              


Pump it Up

Learn about hydroelectric power by raising water to operate a turbine             


Reflect It                    

Learn about lasers and reflection using adjustable mirrors and a laser beam                   


Seeing Sound

Investigate sound and standing waves with an adjustable speaker and stri


Seeing Stress

View stress and tension in different materials under polarised light                                 


Size Matters             

Find out how the huge things and tiny things in the universe scale u


Store It   

Learn how capacitors store electrical energy                                                       


Under Pressure

Use air pressure to propel a ping pong ball into the air