Video: The Energy Tree

On 21 Apr 2015 we switched on the Energy Tree in Millennium Square. The Energy Tree is a 15ft metal tree with multi-directional solar panels that provides free mobile phone charging points and Wi-Fi, powered by the sun. 

The leaves are solar panels hand-built by individuals working with the Bristol Drugs Project (BDP) to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. BDP aims to reduce harm, help people work towards their goals and make a positive contribution to society. The 36 panels took eight months to finish, with participants gaining practical skills and confidence throughout the series of workshops. 

Demand Energy Equality (DEE) ran the workshops. They are a non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing awareness of energy issues, reducing energy demand and working with others to ensure equality of access to energy. DEE has been responsible for the overall leadership of the Energy Tree project.

The structure was conceived and made in Bristol by the designer and sculptor John Packer whose work focuses on combining sustainability, engineering and material properties, inspired by natural forms and processes.

The Energy Tree has grown out of a shared commitment to hands-on learning, the need to reduce energy consumption and to equal access to clean energy for all. It was planted as part of Bristol’s European Green Capital 2015 celebrations. We are hosting the Energy Tree as part of our commitment to sustainability. 

Find out more in The Energy Tree film: