Safari Park of AniBotics

*This event has now passed*


Could robotic animals help us feel connected with nature and develop a deeper care towards our natural world?


Come meet Tsala, the AniBotics robotic elephant and see what you think.

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Anchor Square - directly outside the front doors of We The Curious

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Daily drop in 11-4

Safari Park of AniBotics is a free light-hearted event on Anchor Square. Join us as we play with Tsala, the robotic elephant and feed into the future of robotic animals. 


How would you feel if robotic animals would replace the zoos as we know it? 

Join in the discussion with researchers from AniBotics, a Bristol-based company developing a fun range of educational animal robots co-designed with children.  


AniBotics (animals + robotics), work with animal charities relevant to the chosen species native countries. Their charity collaborators help build an understanding of the animals' rehabilitation journey and they also use recorded sounds of real animals in their robots.  

Their authentic animal interactions are being developed for homes, museums and zoos and they are testing this experience around Bristol through the summer of 2022. Their robotic toys work interactively with human characters, to help educate children about our natural world.


Who would be the residents of your safari park? You can have a go at designing your very own robotic animals.


By joining in, you will be helping the development of AniBotic animals and the progression of research around how humans and robot interact.


This event is part of our Open Source Science programme, where you can be an active part of real, ongoing research. Your feedback will also help to shape the future of robotics in Bristol and the development of Tsala, the robotic elephant. 

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