The Apollo 11 Campervan returns to Millennium Square

A one hour show bringing theatre to a VW Campervan lands in Millennium Square for two days only


23 Apr - 24 Apr


Millennium Square outside At-Bristol

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  • 2pm (family-friendly show)
  • 4pm (family-friendly show)
  • 6pm (ages 16+)

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It’s July 1969.

350,000 people are packing for Woodstock, David Bowie has just released Space Oddity and three men are on their way to the moon.
Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins are onboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft.
Two of them are destined to be the most famous men on the planet.

You are about to meet the third.

Michael Collins is on a mission all of his own.
Whilst Neil and Buzz muck about moonwalking, Michael has a serious job to do.

For 60 minutes, he will visit the dark side of the moon, out of radio contact with the rest of humanity. 60 minutes of utter solitude. 60 minutes to think about home. 60 minutes to examine the nature of existence. And all through the medium of some really catchy tunes. And a bit of puppetry.

The Apollo 11 Campervan is a rocket-fuelled display of musicianship, theatre and comedy. The space capsule campervan is a beat making, bass shaking, electro funk machine and countdown is about to commence.

By Tom Adams.
Image by Jane Hobson
Supported by Arts Council England and At-Bristol Science Centre

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