Avatar (2009): Free Outdoor Screening

Join us for a FREE outdoor screening of 'Avatar' (2009) this summer!


21 Aug

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Big Screen Bristol, Millenium Square

7.30pm onwards

Pack a picnic or grab a sandwich and drink from the cafe or 640east kiosk, and join us for a free screening of James Cameron's epic film.

  • Deckchair seating will be provided on a first come first served basis. Don't forget to wrap up warm or put on some suncream if it's hot.

  • Please note, due to some exciting summer activity taking place on Millennium Square with 'Summertime on the Square', which features a whole host of games and activities for all of the family, we'll have space for around 300 people to watch the film, so it'll be a first come first served basis for space!

Avatar (2009) 2h 42min, 12A. Action, Adventure, Fantasy.

Storyline - On the lush alien world of Pandora live the Na'vi, beings who appear primitive but are highly evolved. Because the planet's environment is poisonous, human/Na'vi hybrids, called Avatars, must link to human minds to allow for free movement on Pandora. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paralyzed former Marine, becomes mobile again through one such Avatar and falls in love with a Na'vi woman (Zoe Saldana). As a bond with her grows, he is drawn into a battle for the survival of her world.

In response to the climate emergency, we have selected films this season that highlight the urgent need to change our ways and live in greater harmony with the natural world. Inside We The Curious, all of our Live Science activities this summer focus on the positive actions we can take to limit climate change.

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