The Box presents: A Box of Experiments

Over the next 14 weeks we’re inviting six artists and community partners in to the Box. They are going to help us experiment and shake things up!

Each artist will be sharing their work and exploring a unique question about their project and would like your help to answer it. This could involve drawing a tree, moving to Mars or thinking about what makes you comfortable.

Felicity Swallow | 16 - 29 July Through drawing, printmaking and digital media Felicity is exploring the world of data. She’s asking you to consider what data you might give off in everyday life. The texts you send, the things you search on google? What would you share with Felicity?

Hugh McCann | 30 July - 12 AugustHugh is interested in sounds and will be creating a unique audio artwork made from recordings taken around the building. Can you recognise them?

Kirtis Clarke  | 13 - 26 August Kirtis is spending five years considering what makes us physically and emotionally comfortable. Is it family, a massive arm chair or your favorite item of clothing?

Make Space | 27 August - 9 September Over the next two years We The Curious will be redesigning our galleries with the help of community partners and loads of other people outside the venue. Come and tell us what you would do if you could design something new for us!

Ella Good & Nicki Kent | 10 - 23 September Ella and Nicki are four years into their project A Decade With Mars. They want to build a house that you could live in on our neighboring planet. What items would you take to Mars?

Sylvia Rimat | 24 September - 8 Oct Sylvia wants you to picture a tree in your mind. What does it look like? Can you draw it for her? Or describe what it looks like in your head?

Katy Connor | 9  – 22 October Katy has been spending time with a group of scientists at the University of Bristol that create synthetic structures to mimic elements of our body like bone marrow and blood. She’s intrigued by what it might feel like to live inside these structures as dwelling places and wants you to design your own dwelling.


16 Jul - 22 Oct

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