*This activity has now passed*


Boxville is a very special adventure happening only for one day on Millennium Square. Step inside a land made entirely of cardboard where the possibilities as endless.


Curious minds and magical ingredients needed for the Medal of Imagination!

Come to the Land of Cardboard, and join the Engineers of Boxville and help to save Boxville from the unimaginable.


10 Sep

How Much



Millennium square

Who for



11, 1 & 3 – interactive performances  

11-4pm - Rolling drop-in


Image credit: Sam Wilde


You’ll dance with cardboard crabs, battle with a cardboard dragon, and fly through a cardboard cosmos.

A team of Boxville engineers will help you along the way, with all the tools and skills you need to make musical instruments, mighty shields, and your very own space suits!


Everything’s made from recycled cardboard  - and you can take your new creations home with you at the end of the adventure.


This special interactive performance is brought to you by Sam Wilde, a sustainable theatre designer, and his creative team.


He will be doing 3 shows on the day.

  • Join at 11, 1 or 3 for the full show
  • Or drop in any time 11-4​


Each performance will last roughly 50 mins.


If you’re unable to attend, but you’d like to get creative at home, then check out Sam’s website for plenty of playful crafting tutorials and ideas.

This project has been developed with funding from Arts Council England.



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