At-Bristol is changing to 'We The Curious'

After 17 years of “making science accessible to all”, At-Bristol is relaunching as We The Curious, with a new direction and focus to “create a culture of curiosity”.

We're really proud of everything  we've done as At-Bristol and this new direction will build on everything we've achieved together. We asked you what you wanted us to be, and you said 'be more challenging', 'take a stance' and 'be for everyone'. Our new name is a reflection of our movement to remove boundaries between science, art, people and ideas.


We officially become We The Curious on 14 September 2017


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Here's why


At-Bristol’s aim to ‘make science accessible to all’ is no longer unique. The advancing pace of technology has changed access to and understanding of science in a way that means that we need to innovate, progress and move forward with our audiences. Curiosity is an innate trait everyone is born with, so it’s something everyone can identify, engage and connect with. 

Science will absolutely still be at the core of what we do, and with our new vision to create a culture of curiosity we are not just aiming for more people to access science but to completely shift how people see it. It is messy, creative, collaborative, living and for everyone – an integral part of culture.

It's time for a new Age of Curiosity to take flight. Together, we can build a future for everyone.


So what’s changing?


  • Our name – We The Curious highlights our intention to create a culture of curiosity, with a collaborative inclusive mission where We is everybody, our city and beyond.
  • Our vision, mission and values all centred around our organising thought to create a culture of curiosity.
  • Our visual identity – we’ll have a new logo, colour palette, new signage around the venue, and a new photography style. 
  • Physically, our foyer, café & shop will be revamped and opened out, to create a welcoming public space.
  • You’ll see a brand new feature exhibit on the ground floor – just the start of our new story on the exhibition floor.  

We’ll be working on the café, shop and foyer on 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 September but still open as usual – just using the entrance by the Planetarium. We’re closing for our annual refresh 11-13 September, which is when we normally do a bit of a spruce and clean. This year, we’ll be doing that, as well as revamping our foyer, café and shop, installing all signage and putting the finishing touches to our brand new feature exhibit. 

When we reopen on 14 September, it’ll be under our new name ‘We The Curious’, so you’ll see new uniforms and signage, and all of our digital platforms moving over to We The Curious. This is just the beginning of the work. Over the next 2 years the ground floor will change shape completely – with whole new exhibition experiences being built. 


All the full details can be found in our FAQs and our statement.