Bristol Festival of Ideas - Shami Chakrabarti - Of Women

It is the greatest human rights abuse on the planet. It blights first and developing worlds, rich and poor women’s health, wealth, education, representation, opportunity and security everywhere. Gender injustice is an ancient and continuing wrong that is millennial in duration and global in reach.

We have not yet done enough to create a more equal world: one where women and men share power, responsibility and opportunity. One that is potentially happier and more peaceful for men as well as women. One where no life is wasted, and everyone has a chance to fulfil their potential. Instead, we’ve been playing around at the edges. What’s needed now is radical change.

From the disparity in the number of births to issues of schooling, work, ownership, faith, political representation and international diplomacy, Shami Chakrabarti outlines what needs fixing and makes clear proposals about what we do next.

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3 Apr

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Image credit: Roddy Paine