Building a Martian House - SOLD OUT

As part of our Box of Experiments series this summer – Ella and Nicki are considering what we would need if we were to move to Mars.



18 Oct

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Studio, First Floor

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Age 18+


Doors: 6:45pm

Starts: 7pm

Ends: 9pm

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Over the past three years they’ve been researching how to build an actual house that you could take to Mars. Along the way they’ve been talking to scientists, engineers and architects to turn this thought into reality in a project called Building A Martian House. They are now ready to invite the public to help to design and build the house. 

Artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent are currently collaborating with scientists, architects and their local community in Bristol to design and plan the build of a Martian House. The project explores what is possible to achieve through multi-disciplinary collaboration, and will ultimately create the house as a large scale public arts project - making something as ‘real as possible’ and on a fraction of the budget of NASA.Join an evening of discussion and talks with Ella and Nicki to find out what we will need to think about to live on another planet, and contribute your ideas to the design.

This event is part of The Brigstow Festival: Re-imagining Research Together.


Joining the artists on the panel and project team are:

Hugh Broughton

Hugh Broughton is a British architect and considered one of the world's leading designers of buildings for extreme, isolated environments. In 2005 he won the international competition for the design of the British Halley VI Antarctic Research Station. Through this work Hugh collaborated with NASA’s Behavioral Health and Performance Team at JSC Houston, helping to establish the acceptable net habitable volume for future long duration exploration class missions.


Lucy Berthoud

Professor Berthoud has worked for 25 years in Spacecraft research and in industry. She has worked at the European Space Agency, NASA Johnson Space Centre and currently teaches at the University of Bristol and is now a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Aerospace Engineering department. In 2016 she gave a TEDx University of Bristol talk entitled 'Is there life on Mars?'.

She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and was awarded a University of Bristol Teaching Fellowship in 2016. She was made a Professor of Space Systems Engineering in 2018.


Bob Myhill

Bob Myhill is a seismologist and mineral physicist, and is currently a UK Space Agency Aurora Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Bristol. He studied subduction zones and deep earthquakes for his PhD at the University of Cambridge, before moving to the Bavarian Geoinstitut in Bayreuth, Germany for three years to study melting and the behaviour of volatile elements in the deep Earth. On his return to the UK in 2016, he moved to Bristol and joined the science team working on NASA's InSight Mission, which will land on Mars in November 2018. The mission is designed to detect seismic activity and use geophysical techniques to probe the deep interior of the Red Planet for the first time. Bob's work focuses on understanding the causes of Marsquakes, and using the seismic data from InSight to understand more about the 4.5 billion year evolution of the planet.


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