Can machines understand emotion?

A chance to get involved in scientific research as we explore how machines can be taught to understand human feelings and emotions:

  • Sit down and play our ‘pictionary-style’ emotion drawing game as you put yourself in the shoes of an emotion recognition AI 
  • Use the big touchscreen to match facial expressions with emojis to train the AI and see how it interprets the faces as it learns 
  • Tell us what you think about using machines to read human emotions

Your input and responses will help our research partners, Dynamic Genetics Lab at the University of Bristol  with their research into learning about people's feelings from social media sites.  

You'll also be helping them to create new 'crowd-sourced' algorithms for teaching machines emotions. 


Image credit: Lisa Whiting 



23 Oct - 27 Feb


Open City Lab

Who for

Recommended age 5+


13.30 daily during October Half Term 

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