Change Makers

Our change-makers activities in Live Lab this autumn are about investigating some of the challenges facing the planet and reflecting on how we can have an impact. Check out the chalk board for the day's schedule.

Air Detectives 

Get sleuthing and become an air detective! Join our Live Science Team for lots of hands-on activities, and discussions all about the air that we breathe.

  • Join us as we explore the future of air quality by exploring how you can collect data about the air where you live to help inform the choices we make for a healthier life
  • Have a go with simple sensors, look at live air quality data and explore what kinds of pollution are in the air - how do levels vary from place to place and at different times?

The Palm Oil Debate 

Palm oil is one of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet today - you might not have heard of it at all, or perhaps you've just heard that it's a 'bad' thing - here, we'll take a look at the wider story, and see what we can all do to help.

Make a promise to the planet 

Going on holiday locally. Eating a bit less meat. Leaving the car at home one day a week. There's loads of small individual actions we can all take to combat climate change, to lessen its effects within our lifetime and for future generations. Collectively our small actions make a huge difference!

What might you promise to do as an individual, family and citizen of planet Earth? What might you promise to do if you were a politician, business person, teacher, researcher or celebrity? Create a poster with your pledge and add to our ever-growing wall of promises. 


Change-makers is part of our programme of activities exploring the positive actions we can take to protect our planet. The programme is part of our long-term commitment to building a sustainable future.

On the 5 June this year, We The Curious declared a climate emergency, joining other institutions in recognising the urgency to act and pledging to become carbon neutral by 2030. You can read more about this here.  


Photo credit: Dan Watkiss


6 Apr - 24 Nov

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