Change Makers

Our Live Lab is transformed into a den of political activity, as we invite you to make a pledge to protect our planet. 

Going on holiday locally. Eating a bit less meat. Leaving the car at home one day a week. There's loads of small individual actions we can all take to combat climate change, to lessen its effects within our lifetime and for future generations. Collectively our small actions make a huge difference!

What might you promise to do as an individual, family and citizen of planet Earth?

What might you promise to do if you were a politician, business person, teacher, researcher or celebrity?



Change Makers is part of our ongoing programme of activities exploring climate change and the positive actions we can take together to protect our planet. Want to read more about sustainability at We The Curious? Find out about our commitment to building a sustainable future here.

Photo credit: Dan Watkiss


6 Apr - 30 Jun

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Live Lab, Ground Floor

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