Fermenting Futures: Fermentation Workshop

Fermenting Futures: Fermentation Workshop

Join artist and researcher Kaajal Modi for a free two-part workshop on how you can start to preserve and transform your own fruit and vegetables at home using the ancient domestic biotechnology of fermentation. The workshop consists of two sessions on the evenings of 8th and 15th of August respectively.*



8 Aug - 15 Aug

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Workshop 1

Thursday 8th August 2019


The first workshop will start with a quick overview of science behind fermentation, after which you will start your culture, at the same time discussing some of the histories of fermentation in different cultures, including your own.


Workshop 2

Thursday 15th August 2019


The second workshop is where you get to taste the results, and look at some of the microbial cultures that have grown in the jars over the seven days. You will also imagine some of the ways in which this relates to wider issues of ecology and biodiversity, and how we might collectively imagine a more just food system in the future.


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‘Fermenting Futures’ is a PhD research project from the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of West of England, looking at using collaborative fermentation in order to diversify debates around the future of food production in the Southwest of England, and beyond. By taking part in the project, you agree to any outcomes being included in this research. All participants will be anonymised (unless explicitly agreed otherwise), and participants have the right to opt out at any point.


If you would like to find out more about the project please email kaajal2.modi@uwe.live.ac.uk.



PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will operate according to safer space principles. This means that it is an inclusive space that aims to be supportive, welcoming and engaging, and has a no tolerance policy on any discrimination according to race, gender, sexuality, ability or any other form of social oppression. For more info on safer spaces please see https://saferspacesnyc.wordpress.com/.


If you have any special access or learning needs, please get in touch and every effort will be made to accommodate these.


* Due to the nature of the project, it would be ideal if you could attend both nights (however if you cannot but would really like to come, please do sign up for just the one anyway)