Fish in Space

What can we learn from sending zebrafish into space? Join our Live Science Team, along with some researchers from the University of Bristol to explore this and more!

You'll be able to play a part in active science research, and help researchers choose which experiment to undertake next September at the European Space Agency, as part of a series of planned experiments all designed to help understand the onset and development of osteoarthritis.

You'll also be able to look at zebrafish larvae under the microscope, and explore how much zebrafish can tell us about our own bodies - it's a lot more than you may realise!


Photo credit: The Hammond Lab



20 Aug - 27 Aug

How Much

Included with a general admission ticket.


Live Lab

Who for


Drop in sessions throughout the day, check Live Lab blackboard on arrival

This activity is run in partnership with:

  • European Space Agency. You can read more about the project in their blog, here.
  • Arthritis Research UK

  • University of Bristol




Image credit: Daniel Watkiss