FUTURES 2019 - Up Late

What role will robots play in our lives? How can we produce enough food to feed us all? How can we work together to tackle climate change? This is your chance to find out the answers to these questions and more as we are joined by scientists and researchers from University of Bristol for a special ‘Up Late’ event organised by FUTURES 2019.  Grab a drink at the bar, wander around the exhibits, meet researchers behind exciting scientific discoveries and discuss the impact of their research on our everyday lives, societies and environment.


There'll also be a chance to hear three fascinating free talks:

  • Folding Nature into New Shapes - Professor Derek Wolfson, University of Bristol
  • Hidden Stories of Conflict – Pardoning Past Injustices: Professor Lois Bibbings, University of Bristol
  • Nature, Nurture & Luck - What shapes our health: Professor Nic Timpson, Principal Investigator, Children of the 90s health study


How to book 

 This is a FREE event organised by FUTURES 2019 but you do need to book your place and reserve tickets for the public talks. 

You can reserve tickets for both general admission and the public talks through the FUTURES site here



This special Up Late event is part of FUTURES 2019, a festival of discovery taking place across Bristol and Bath on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 September 2019 to celebrate European Researchers Night.  

It is funded by the EU Commission and aims to engage the European public in celebrating the latest and most stimulating research at a local and an international level.


Events will take place in over 300 cities, spanning 27 European countries during the weekend.


You can find out more about FUTURES, and reserve your ticket for this free event at www.futures2019.co.uk


 Photo credit: Paul Blakemore



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