Happynings is a collaborative project created by the participants that results in a 3D model map of Bristol and looks to the future to see how it might change under climate change and technological advances.

Built over the course of the day with Ellen, Emma and fellow visitors, the model is made almost entirely from found materials - it's super creative, and fun!


27 Jul - 29 Jul

How Much

Included with a general admission ticket.


1st floor

Who for



Drop in 11 - 3

About Happynings:

Ellen and Emma formed as a company under the name Happynings in 2016 and have since been spending time researching and developing ideas around their shared interests in live art and interactive performance. That is, art which engages with ideas of games/playing, distance, technology, built environment and the community.

Follow them on Twitter here: @HappyningsUK


(Image credit: Paul Blakemore)

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