Hello! Knowle West

This installment of our fun, family weekends is for visitors who live in Knowle West, or have children who go to school in the area.

We're all about to building strong, sustainable relationships with communities in Bristol. In regular weekends throughout the year we say Hello! to communities who are currently under-represented in our visitors. These free weekends give families and community groups, who may not visit otherwise, a chance to explore We The Curious together.


21 Sep - 22 Sep

How Much


Who for

Knowle West Residents

Hello! Community Weekends are a chance for families and community groups to discover We The Curious, for free.

Everyone is welcome to join in with a whole range of interactive activities, including:

  • Special activities and programmes to be announced, including storytelling and lots of hands-on activities
  • Explore over 250 hands-on exhibits
  • Plus, gaze at the stars inside our Planetarium*, inside the big silver ball on Millennium Square! (*small additional fee applies)


To qualify for free entry, visitors must bring and complete the Hello! Knowle West flyer which will be distributed through local community groups and schools.* Ask your local commuity group or school for a flyer, fill it out and bring it along on the day to get a free day of exploring!

*Please be aware that We The Curious reserves the right to refuse admission if the venue reaches capacity.

Top tips

  • As long as you have a valid ticket, you can leave and re-enter the venue as you wish throughout the day
  • Bring your own food to tuck into in our picnic area 
  • Ask one of our lovely front desk team if you'd like a quiet room for prayer 

Please note: if you're organising a minibus, please arrange parking in advance by calling our Bookings team on 0117 915 1000 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, excluding bank holidays).

About Hello! Community Weekends

Hello! Community Weekends are a core part of We The Curious' Community Engagement programme and one of our commitments as an educational charity. You can find out more about our aims here - or coem and join us to create a culture of curiosity.  

If you have any questions about our Hello! Community Weekends or want to add your community-based organisation to the mailing list, please e-mail community@wethecurious.org


Image credit: Dan Watkiss