Hidden Health

Exploring the health needs of three communities in Bristol from a young person’s perspective.

In 2022, three young leaders were paired with early career Digital Health Researchers from the University of Bristol, to explore what health and wellbeing means to them. Working together, these two groups have shared experiences and influenced each other’s work.

Participatory artist Ramona Eve, who supported delivery of the project, has now created an installation for our gallery space ‘The Box’, which invites you to become part of each young leader’s research journey.

Get hands-on; play on a bespoke arcade machine, cuddle a giant soft sculpture and write your own personal message on a cloud and add to our sky wall!  

Step inside to join in the conversation and reflect on your own hidden health story #MyHiddenHealthStory

There are three projects in Hidden Health:

Giving Growing Up a Makeover
Samia’s project looked at the struggles and excitement of growing up. It offered an intergenerational platform for older and younger women to share ‘sister sister’ advice and support with each other.

Sharing Mental Health Tips in a Safe Space
Alex’s project explored what feeling safe and comfortable looks like for members and allies of the young LGBTQ+ community. It aimed to create a safe and relaxing space where mental health tips could be shared and exchanged.

My Pain is Important 
Hemlata’s project unpicked young women’s experiences of visiting the GP, in particular when they have felt dismissed and unheard. She created the ‘wo-manual’ to share advice and information to help young women better advocate for themselves in a healthcare setting.


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Hidden Health is part of our Open City Research programme, which aims to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to real scientific research going on around the world right now.

Hidden Health is a partnership programme between We The Curious and the University of Bristol Digital Health Research Group. The partnership works to challenge inequalities in health research by creating space for underrepresented voices to be heard.

(During the Hidden Health project, each young leader identified a community that they considered important to them personally. We recognise that many of the issues raised in this exhibition are not exclusive to these groups)

Image credit: Ramona Eve


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