How can we see baby stars?

Come and explore the early universe and the birth of stars!

Join our Live Science Team in the Theatre of Curiosity for this exciting moment in space science as we celebrate the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope; we'll use infrared to peer through clouds of smoke to discover some of the fascinating missions that the James Webb Space Telescope will undertake.

Take part in the demo yourself and chat with our team about the life and death of stars; both what we hope to learn from the new James Webb Space telescope in the future, and what its predecessor the Hubble telescope has discovered.


Whilst we're doing all we can to provide activities as listed, the timings shown here are subject to change. Please check when you arrive at the venue.


If you enjoy this activity, then we'd recomnend a visit to see our current seasonal Planetarium show 'Winter Stargazing' show, which looks at the secret lives of stars - including a visit to a 'star nursery', and much more. Tickets cost £3.50, or £1.75 for members (General admission ticket required, all tickets must be booked in advance)

Image Credit: LL Ori and the Orion Nebula - NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team


18 Dec - 18 Feb

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Included with a general admission ticket.


Theatre of Curiosity

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Ages 7+


Weekends only


11.15 am

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