Planetarium Nights (16+)

When was the last time you looked up at the stars? Wander into the giant silver ball for your very own night-time tour of the known universe in the UK's most advanced Planetarium. Our team of inspiring presenters will deliver a unique show every time you visit telling different stories of ancient stargazers, flying you to far away galaxies and showing you the view from distant and newly discovered planets. 

Whether you are amateur astronomer or completely new to stargazing, you'll be able to escape the everyday and leave inspired to discover the night sky for yourself. You can grab yourself a drink from our bar for added motion sensations and enjoy the exhibits in our space gallery before the show.




3 May

How Much

£8.50/£7.50 (concession)



Who for

Age 16+

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Choose between the following shows:

  • 7pm - Exploring the Solar System 3D
  • 8.15pm - Spring Stargazing 3D

Duration: 45mins


Exploring the Solar System 3D

A presenter will fly you to the incredible worlds in our Solar System to see where astronauts of the future will explore, including the rings of Saturn and Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. This awe-inspiring and totally immersive show uses the UK’s most advanced Planetarium, and is a fantastic introduction to astronomy.

Spring Stargazing 3D

Our cosmos is always changing. Discover why constellations move over time, see the dance of Jupiter’s moons, and take a peek at the future sky!

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Book your tickets online or give us a call on 0117 915 1000 (Weekdays 9am-5pm) or pop into the foyer.

Please Note

Doors will close at the start time of each show so make sure you arrive with time to spare.