Planetarium Nights

Wander into the giant silver ball this August for your very own evening tour of the known universe. Our team of inspiring presenters will deliver a different show every time you visit telling different stories of ancient stargazers, flying you to far away galaxies and showing you views from distant and newly discovered planets.

Whether you are amateur astronomer or completely new to stargazing, you'll be able to escape the everyday and leave inspired to discover the night sky for yourself. You can grab yourself a drink from our bar for added motion sensations and enjoy the exhibits in our space gallery before the show.


  • 7-7.45pm - Summer Stargazing 3D
  • 8.15-9pm - Exploring the Galaxy 3D


30 Aug

How Much

£8.50/£7.50 (concession)



Who for

Age 16+

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Summer Stargazing 3D

An astronomical guide through some of the most fascinating destinations in the universe that you can see for yourself in the Summer night sky. Discover constellations, meander through the rings of Saturn and witness the birth of a shooting star. Combining the stunning visuals from the most advanced planetarium in the UK with the most up to date images from around the universe, this is a show not to be missed.

Exploring the Galaxy 3D

Any time we gaze out into space, we are looking back in time. Modern technology allows us to see further than ever before bringing us mindblowing new discoveries every day. In this show you can discover the technology behind the most capable telescopes in the world whilst flying at light-speed around the Milky Way galaxy.

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