Planetarium Nights: Winter Stargazing 3D

*Please note this event isn't running at the moment. We hope to restart our evening events in the Planetarium soon. Please sign up to our mailing list for the latest news*

Wander into the giant silver ball for your very own evening tour of the known universe.

Our team of inspiring presenters will deliver a different show every time you visit. They'll tell different stories of ancient stargazers, fly you to far away galaxies and show you views from distant and newly discovered planets. 

Whether you are an amateur astronomer or completely new to stargazing, you'll be able to escape the everyday and leave inspired to discover the night sky for yourself. You can grab yourself a drink from our bar for added motion sensations and enjoy the exhibits in our space gallery beforehand.


Winter Stargazing: 

  • Gaze up at a real-time, accurate map of Bristol's night sky, to uncover what you can see that night and investigate the secrets hidden in some well known constellations.

  • Witness the majestic life-cycle of star, from humble nebula to exploding supernova  

  • Dance on the edge of a black hole, with a 3D view like no other

  • Come back to Earth with a new perspective on our beautiful, unique home and find out how you are made of stardust


Image Credit: NASA/CXC/Penn State/L. Townsley et al.

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Age 16+

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