SOLD OUT - Samantha Baines - Lost Women of Science

Join Award-winning comedian Samantha Baines (The Crown, Sunny D, BBC Radio 4) as she brings her critically acclaimed and complete sell-out Edinburgh 2017 show to We The Curious, for one night only.

This year she's exploring the lost women of science. Expect facts, puns and an ear trumpet attached to a whiskey bottle.


28 Jul

How Much

£8.95/£4 Members

Who for

Age 18+


19.15 – 21:00

Support from KT Cooper

KT Cooper, The Mathematician's Daughter as she dissects a childhood full of topology, algebra and fourier transforms. Don't understand any of those concepts? Well don't worry, neither does she!  The show contains very strong language, awkward cringe-worthy anecdotes and an explicit, if not scientifically inaccurate, description of reproduction. Oh and very little maths.



Doors: 19:00

KT Cooper: 19.15 – 19.45

Samantha Baines: 20:00 – 21:00