The A-Z of Secrecy

“Knowledge is power”, or is it? Who controls information and knowledge? And what happens if you do have knowledge, or don’t?  

Join us for a secret assignment all about secrecy and power; become a researcher with this hands-on activity and help us to create a collection of objects called the A-Z of Secrecy.

We’re working with a group of researchers called the Secrecy, Power and Ignorance research network (SPIN).

The researchers come from different universities including Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Exeter, and are interested in how secrecy, power and ignorance play a part in our day to day lives, but also in unexpected and extreme circumstances.

During the A-Z of Secrecy activity you’ll:

  • Work together through a top-secret box of lucky-dip style objects – each box explores different themes such as invisibility, hiding, pretending, silence, magic and secret codes…
  • You’ll find a list of 3 tasks to work through – including questions to answer, things to make or draw, and a number of secret boxes to find and open – some of the activities may surprise you!


About the Secrecy, Power and Ignorance research network (SPIN):  

SPIN is one of the collaborative research communities funded and supported by the GW4 Alliance – a research alliance between the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter. Find out more about SPIN here.

The information that you give in the activity will be shared with the SPIN network and their current research programme. Your ideas will help the researchers to create the A-Z of Secrecy collection of objects, which will live in our Open City Lab when it’s completed.


The A-Z of Secrecy is part of our Open Source Science programme, where you can be an active part of real, ongoing research.


Image credit: Paul Blakemore


22 May - 17 Oct

How Much

Included with a general admission ticket.


Theatre of Curiosity

Who for

5+ - great for families to do together


This event has now finished. 



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