Shopping Trolley Secrets - Free Webinar

Could your shopping data save your life?

Researcher Lizzie Dolan from University of Nottingham’s N/Lab has been finding out the answer to this question. Your shopping habits could be used to predict serious conditions such as ovarian cancer and respiratory disease.

By looking at many peoples shopping habits, Lizzie and other researchers hope to find out how what we buy reflects our health. Watch the video to find out more.

You can also join us for a free online webinar to hear more about this exciting area of research!

Lizzie and a panel of experts and non-experts will present you with a series of curious questions and discuss your answers.

This is your chance to let the experts know what you think and hear them respond live.

The webinar will run from 1-2pm on Thursday 15th February. Tickets are free and can be book via the eventbrite page link.

Once you have signed up you wll be able to join the webinar via a zoom link that will be emailed to you.



15 Feb


Zoom Webinar



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What you buy can hold incredible secrets about you – it could even reveal illness before you know anything’s wrong. 



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