Sink or Swim

*This event has now passed*


You could be ye Captain for the day!

Come and see if you can build the sturdiest boat, heave the biggest treasure, or simply survive the voyage back from the Treasure Island.

How Much



Anchor Square - directly outside the front doors of We The Curious

Who for



Free event

Weekends only


We’ll be using a selection of creative materials to build rafts strong enough to plunder some mighty pirate treasure. You can test and refine your floating design as much as you like, as we see whose raft can support the most weight in a wet and fun-filled competition.


Sink or Swim is a free wet play type of activity, fun for all ages, and a great chance to simply laugh out loud together. Drop in and stay as long as you like!


You can also pick up a free copy of our ‘Playing Out’ trail, to help you explore the surrounding landscape.


This activity is taking place outside, so don’t forget your hats and sun scream.


If the weather isn’t on our side (too wet, too windy, or too hot!), we may have to cancel this activity, so please check the weather forecast before coming down to see us.



Image credit: Paul Blakemore

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