Sylvia Rimat - Dendrites

An artistic workshop combining neuroscience with visualisation and performance techniques to unravel the shape of our imagination. 


16 Aug

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Age 18+



Sylvia Rimat’s new project ‘Dendrites’ will take the form of an audio walk through a forest. Participants will engage with all the senses in small tasks, through personal memories and occasionally with each other to refine their imagination. In this workshop, you'll be creating drawings, writings and oral descriptions to contribute to the living collection of work. (By no means are any specific drawing skills required!) This work is also a journey through the tree-like cells that make up our brain. The project will explore the connections between our neurons and their similarities to plants chemically communicating in a forest.


With support from researchers in neuroscience, Rimat is planning to find out more about the neural basis of visual imagination. So far, Rimat has worked with Adam Zeman, Professor of Cognitive and Behavioural Neurology at University of Exeter. Dendrites will draw on findings from this research, whilst encouraging audiences to engage with their own imagination in unique and playful ways.


Based on an original concept created with Cat Jones

Please note: audio recordings and photo documentation of the drawings will take place as part of this project.