Winter Kitchen

Fire up your taste buds in the kitchen this winter and explore the science behind warming winter treats.


13 Nov - 23 Mar

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Spice mixing

You'll be able to smell this one from the front door! We've got spices from all over the world for you to explore and blend together in your own exquisite spice mix. You'll be able to take your spices home to use in your own cooking. Whether you're a sweet cinnamon or a fiery chilli we've got it covered.

Make your own sunflower oil

Bad fats? Good fats? What's the difference? Seriously, what's the difference we want to know. In this activity you can go through the whole process of pressing sunflower seeds to create your own oil and learn about all of the types of fats that go in our food/bellies.

Speedy bread challenge

Harness the mighty power of gluten to make your own flatbreads in less than 20 minutes! It's quick, it's delicious, it's a lot of fun. What more could you knead?

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