Wish You Were Here: The Fulldome Experience (16+)

The Planetarium plays host to the 1975 Pink Floyd album, Wish You Were Here.

Lose yourself in mind-melting visuals under a full 360 degree dome of colour and sound. With full 5.1 surround sound, unique acoustics, and stunning visuals to match, there is no better place in Bristol than the giant silver ball to fulfil all of your psychedelic musical dreams.

For one night only, ticket holders for this show will also be offered a bonus Planetarium experience before the main feature.

Ticket holders who arrive before 6.15pm will receive the opportunity to watch Star Maker - the first  ever moving image adaptation of Olaf Stapledon’s 1937 seminal Science Fiction novel!

Stapledon’s visionary and challenging novels inspired the work of Arthur C Clark, Isaac Asimov and many others and are considered to be amongst  greatest works of the early  Science Fiction genre. 

Arcus Animation Studios, in collaboration with The Centre For Life, Newcastle  has created a unique work, capturing the groundbreaking ideas and philosophies of Olaf Stapledon through a variety of art styles and animation techniques, specially designed for exhibition in fulldome Planetariums.

This exciting work is accompanied by a specially commissioned musical score from Barry Hyde (The Futureheads).

So come, lay back and become immersed in the strangest of journeys.

Doors open at 6pm. Ticket holders who decide not to experience Star Maker can still see Wish You Were Here, which will commence as scheduled at 7pm. Pre-show drinks are available from the bar in the Space Gallery.

Running time for Star Maker : approx. 30 minutes.

Running time for Wish You Were Here : approx. 45 minutes.

Entrance to We The Curious for this event is via the doors to the main building that face Millennium Square - at the opposite end from the cafe and close to the Planetarium. 


​Visuals by Starlight Productions.


22 Mar

How Much

£9.95 | £8.95 (concession)



Who for

Age 16+


7 - 7.45pm

Please Note

This show features sequences with flashing lights