Look at food from plot to plate to palate with our interactive sensory adventure!


Exhibition spaces

Get your tastebuds ready and play with your food with our exciting exhibition all about the yummy stuff!
Launched in 2014, made possible by a variety of funders, this exhibition is a sensory arcade chock-full of tasty exhibits and activity spaces, such as:

  • Honey Factory - Dress up like a little bee, collect pollen and learn bees’ waggle dance
  • Grinding Grain - Find out how much energy goes into your food - can you grind your own flour?
  • RoboChef3000 - Converse with our robot chef and see if she can suggest the perfect recipe for you to try out

Whet your appetite with our Live Science video below in the Food! Kitchen, which investigates the science of baking cakes!

Teachers - download our Exhibit Sheets below.

 Primary  Secondary 
Fuel your body primary.pdf Grinding grain primary.pdf Growing greenhouse primary.pdf Fuel your body secondary.pdf Grinding grain secondary.pdf Growing greenhouse secondary.pdf
Honey Factory primary.pdf Kitchen primary.pdf Milk machine primary.pdf Kitchen secondary.pdf Milk machine secondary.pdf Robochef secondary.pdf
Robochef primary.pdf Tongue twisting tastes primary.pdf World of food primary.pdf Tongue twisting tastes secondary.pdf World of food secondary.pdf 


Planning your visit

Food!, as one of the exhibition spaces in We The curious, is open all day every day.
For activities in the Kitchen and Greenhouse please see the chalkboard on arrival.

Opening times

10am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
10am - 6pm, Weekends and Bristol school holidays

How much

FREE with standard admission


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