Level 1

Our first floor is full of light, sound, creating and sensory experiences. 

You’ll also find the Studio, Tinkering Space, the 3D Planetarium and the entrance to the Education learning rooms and labs on level 1.



Exhibition spaces

Curiosity Zone

Experience one of nature's most destructive forces, try to roll a ball uphill, see if you can split light or control a loop of string with a mind of its own.


Space Gallery 

Step into the shoes of an astronaut, see cosmic ray trails, learn about life in near-Earth orbit and discover the challenges of sending humans into deep space.


For under 8's, our construction area is complete with hard-hats, hi-vis, wheel barrows, roof and tiles and giant squishy bricks.


Animate It! developed in collaboration with Aardman Animations.

Take a journey through animation past, present and future with Morph and friends, style your own characters, create storyboards and make 2D and 3D animations, complete with sound effects and credits.


All About Us

Find out how amazing you really are with these interactive exhibits all about the human body.

Image credits: Lisa Whiting / Paul Blakemore.