Move It!

How does your toilet flush? And how do canal locks actually work? Explore this and more with Move It!


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Harnessing the power of water is something people have done for millennia - whether it's by controlling the flow of water, building bridges or making machines to move over or through it.

So now it's your turn! See if you can:

  • Lift water by running on our giant hamster wheel
  • Make your own lock system
  • Move water uphill

Interested in natural forces? Join Ross to explore all about gravity and terminal velocity with our Live Science video 'Which lands first the chicken or the egg?'


 Primary  Secondary 
Air stream primary.pdf Future fuel primary.pdf Hot or Cold primary.pdf Air stream secondary.pdf Future fuel secondary.pdf Hot or Cold secondary.pdf
Impeller primary.pdf Pulley table primary.pdf Pump it up primary.pdf Impeller secondary.pdf Pulley table secondary.pdf Pump it up secondary.pdf
Reflect it primary.pdf Seeing sound primary.pdf Store it primary.pdf Reflect it secondary.pdf Seeing sound secondary.pdf Store it secondary.pdf
Treadmill primary.pdf Under pressure primary.pdf Waterwheel primary.pdf Treadmill secondary.pdf Under pressure secondary.pdf Waterwheel secondary.pdf
Whisper dishes primary.pdf   Whisper dishes secondary.pdf  


Planning your visit

Move It, as one of the exhibition spaces in We The Curious, is open all day every day.

Opening times

10am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
10am - 6pm, Weekends and Bristol school holidays

How much

FREE with standard admission


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