Our World - no more waste

Take inspiration from our natural recycling processes and learn about the amazing system that’s been working for four billion years!


Exhibition spaces

Discover new things about this incredible world of ours with 14 interactive exhibits in this hands-on experience.

Funded by the SITA Trust, Our World - no more waste explores how in the natural world nothing goes to waste: volcanoes and bacteria made the air we breathe, oceans make sand from rocks, and plants are made from the gases we breathe out.

You can:

  • Play with an interactive globe tracking weather patterns
  • Present your own weather forecast
  • How cool are you? Find out with our thermal imaging camera

Check out our Live Science video below to learn 'How to make your own barometer' - how very British!

Teachers - download our Exhibit Sheets below.

 Primary  Secondary 
Changing World primary.pdf Convection primary.pdf Ecosphere primary.pdf Changing World secondary.pdf Convection secondary.pdf Ecosphere secondary.pdf
Heat Cam primary.pdf Little Growers primary.pdf Little Rotters primary.pdf Heat Cam secondary.pdf Little Growers secondary.pdf Little Rotters secondary.pdf
Living Timeline primary.pdf Shimmery Sky primary.pdf Soil Core primary.pdf Living Timeline secondary.pdf Shimmery Sky secondary.pdf Soil Core secondary.pdf
Watch Water Freeze primary.pdf Water Cycle primary.pdf Weather Forcast Primary.pdf Watch Water Freeze secondary.pdf Water Cycle secondary.pdf Weather Forcast Secondary.pdf


Planning your visit

Our World - no more waste, as one of the exhibition spaces in We The Curious, is open all day every day.

Opening times

10am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
10am - 6pm, Weekends and Bristol school holidays

How much

Free with standard admission


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