Planetarium Sounds (Age 16+)

Seminal music, stunning visuals. Click on 'more info' below for shows and dates!

Planetarium Sounds (Age 16+)

(Almost) every week, the planetarium hosts a variety of shows for all you music lovers.

Combining the UK's most advanced planetarium, with a full 360º dome and 5.1 surround sound, there is no better place in Bristol than our giant silver ball to fulfill all your psychedelic musical dreams - wether you're a fan of classic rock or a classical music aficionado.

Grab a drink from the bar and sit back under the dome to immerse yourself in marvellous melodies, stunning graphics and some of the best albums of all time.

This summer, sit back and relax with...

Dark Side of the Moon: The Fulldome Experience (2D)

Listen to one of Pink Floyd's greatest albums of all time in a completely new light. Tap, sing or air-guitar along as retro graphics take you on a journey into another dimension. 

Wish You Were Here: The Fulldome Experience (2D)

Chill out with ambient visuals and a cascade of kalidescopic colours, whilst being immersed in some of Pink Floyd's seminal songs. 

New this Summer! In The Steps of Apollo (3D)

50 years ago, the world looked on as dreams beame reality and a man walked on the Moon. Anything was possible; there were no limits to what humankind could achieve. This brand new show charts our relationship with the Moon and explores the legacy of the lunar landing in five musical journeys. Jet off into space with specially commissioned classical works by leading composers in glorious surround sound and stunning astronomical visuals across the Planetarium dome. 

New this Summer! Holst's Planets (3D)

Enjoy the breathtaking sights of the Solar System's planets in mind boggling 3D, accompanied by Gustav Holst's iconic suite. 


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Or call our bookings line on 0117 915 1000

Pre-show drinks will be available form the bar in the space gallery beforehand. Please arrive at least 10mins before your show starts. Entry and tills can be found at the doors behind the giant silver ball!    


Planetarium Sounds Schedule - Summer 2019 







Dark Side of The Moon: TFE 2D

Wish You Were Here: TFE 2D



In the Steps of Apollo 3D (this show may be photographed)




Holst's Planets 3D

In the Steps of Apollo 3D + Bonus talk 



Dark Side of The Moon: TFE 2D

Dark Side of The Moon: TFE 2D



Holst's Planets 3D 

In the Steps of Apollo 3D 

Planetarium Sounds Schedule - Autumn 2019 

Date  7-7:45pm 8:15-9pm 
September20th In the Steps of Apollo 3DHolst's Planets 3D
October4th Dark Side of The Moon: TFE 2DDark Side of The Moon: TFE 2D
 18thHolst's Planets 3DIn the Steps of Apollo 3D
November 15th Dark Side of The Moon: TFE 2DDark Side of The Moon: TFE 2D
 29th In the Steps of Apollo 3DHolst's Planets 3D



Friday, May 10, 2019 - Friday, November 29, 2019



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