Fire on roof at We The Curious on Saturday 9 April - now closed for a few months

Wednesday 11 May | Jen Forster

On Saturday 9 April, a fire broke out up on our roof, located on a section of our solar panels.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service and the police arrived quickly and dealt with the fire; all our staff and visitors were evacuated safely.

Image credit: Martin Booth

The evidence indicates that damage to the photovoltaic solar panels was most likely caused by birds, which caused a fault in the electrical system. This then resulted in a fire spreading to the roof.

Our team of contractors has been assessing the damage; we’ve sustained some significant fire and water damage to the roof, our second floor and our building systems.

It’s all a little more complex than we first thought, especially as water is still finding its way through the building, so those assessment surveys are still taking place.

We don’t currently have a reopening date yet, but we know we’ll be closed for a few months.

Once the survey results are in, we’ll have a clearer idea of the timeline and when we’ll be able to reopen.

While we’re working out what we need to do to get our much-loved venue reopen, we’re going to be on the move! We’ll be popping up around the city, you’ll see some of our staff running activities around Millennium and Anchor Square over the next few weekends and May Half term.

As soon as we have any updates about reopening, we’ll post updates here on our website and social media channels.

Image credit: 3Sixty 


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Despite closure, we’re passionately committed to turn this crisis into new opportunities for communities and schoolchildren across the city.

You might know that we were closed for over a year during the pandemic, which hit us pretty hard financially. We were still in our first year of reopening and recovery when the fire happened. In addition, we’ve all seen how the pandemic has worsened educational and social inequality for children and young people. This need and our commitment to supporting them is not on pause just because our venue is temporarily closed.

We’re working closely with local community groups and schools around how we can meet their needs now - from ‘playing out’ learning activities across the city to school roadshows - and once we’re reopened.

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