The time to act is now – science centre’s urgent mission to inspire positive action on climate change

Tuesday 26 March | Jen Forster

Climate change is hitting the headlines like never before, with the recent IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report providing the most extensive warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures, and young people across the world going on strike in a bid to force politicians to act.  We are all becoming increasingly aware that time is running out. But what can individuals do in the face of such a daunting global challenge?

As the leading science centre for sustainability, and in response to the urgency of the situation, We The Curious, is launching a brand new programme of activities all about the positive actions we can take together.

The focus on action to limit climate change begins this Easter, when activities run by the We The Curious team will include:

  • ‘Protein and the Planet’ – talking about the role of protein in our diet and looking at alternatives. Visitors can get involved preparing some interesting alternatives, such as sushi made from insects.
  • Change-makers’ – children and adults will be encouraged to leave their own promises to the planet, or get creative and step into the shoes of people with influence – what would you do if you were a city mayor or the owner of a big business?
  • Expedition Earth’ live science show – families are invited aboard an imaginary spaceship on a quest to discover the perfect planet, balancing the crew’s requirements along the way.
  • Air Detectives’ – an opportunity to investigate what’s in the air we breathe, have a go with sensors and take a detailed look at air pollution data.  
  • Spring Stargazing’ – audiences in the 3D Planetarium* will be transported to the inhospitable surface of Venus and out into space for some unique views of how our planet is changing.
  • Leviathan’s Temple’ – an art installation exploring the shifting currents of environmental and social change in coastal, post-industrial communities of South-West England and the Norwegian Arctic Circle.

The move to devote the 2019 programme to action on climate change represents the next step in a sustainability journey that the centre has been since 2011. With beehives and Bristol’s largest photovoltaic array on the roof, a phase change tank that ‘recycles’ and redistributes heating and cooling, newly installed pollinator hotels on the city centre site and public art installations that highlight climate change, embedding sustainable practices is a commitment the charity takes seriously.

We The Curious is committed to becoming the most sustainable science centre in the UK, the guiding Manifesto of We The Curious includes a key focus on environmental sustainability – ‘Strive for Sustainable Futures’. This consists of three sections - sustainable practice, sustainability engagement and sustainable partnerships, or ‘Do, Talk, Share’. The city of Bristol has also recently set out their own ambitious bid to become a carbon neutral city by 2030.

As Chris Dunford, Head of Sustainable Futures at We The Curious explains:

“Climate change is real and it’s happening now. As an educational charity, we recognise that not only do we have a responsibility to operate as sustainably as we can, we also have an important role in empowering and inspiring our visitors to see how they can make a difference themselves.

There are plenty of simple actions that everyone can take, and collectively these small, individual actions can make a big impact. Over the coming months, we hope to get our visitors talking about the challenges we face and to inspire them about the changes they can make in their daily lives.”

The first wave of activities launches on 6 April – the focus on climate change will continue throughout 2019, with new activities and fresh inspiration planned for the summer months.

To book tickets visit or call our Bookings team on 0117 915 1000 (Monday – Friday 9-5). For the best ticket prices please book online.

*Planetarium shows cost an additional £3.50 per seat, pre-booking is advised as they are always popular. 


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Editor’s Notes :

About We The Curious:

We The Curious was previously known as At-Bristol Science Centre; an educational charity with an aim to “make science accessible to all”, it opened in 2000, and welcomed over 5 million visitors in the past 17 years. At-Bristol relaunched as We The Curious in September 2017, with a new vision that is committed to creating a culture of curiosity.

We The Curious is an idea and a place for everyone. Our venue on Bristol’s harbourside is a bit like an indoor festival, with all sorts of different experiences, where you can interact with exhibits, test stuff out and participate rather than just visit.  We’re all about empowering everyone to ask questions and get creative - with boundaries removed between science, art, people and ideas - a culture of curiosity.


We The Curious – sustainable futures:

  • Since 2010 We The Curious has reduced energy consumption by 27% (390 tonnes of CO2 per annum) - that's enough CO2 to fill the Planetarium 242 times!
  • We The Curious is home to Bristol’s largest photovoltaic solar panel array - big enough to power 13 UK households
  • The rooftop of We The Curious is also home to a colony of European Honeybees
  • Millennium Square car park is Bristol’s first LED lit car park, it also has electric-car charging points
  • We The Curious has played host to interactive art installations including the Bristol Whales, Tap into Bristol and the Energy Tree on Millennium Square. In 2018 Luke Jerram’s Inhale sculpture was installed in the building, and artist Anna Higgie worked with University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute to create a climate change mural for the exterior of the building.


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