Creating a culture of curiosity

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After 17 years of “making science accessible to all”, At-Bristol relaunched on 14 September as We The Curious, with a new direction and focus to “create a culture of curiosity”.

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We The Curious – Questions and Answers

Curiosity is an innate trait everyone is born with, so it’s something everyone can engage and connect with. 

As an educational charity, We The Curious is about empowering everyone to ask questions and get creative - with boundaries removed between science, art, people and ideas.

Science will absolutely still be at the core of what we do, and with our new vision to create a culture of curiosity we are not just aiming for more people to access science but to completely shift how people see it. Science is messy, creative, collaborative, living and for everyone – an integral part of culture.

Interested to know how we're going to do that? We have a manifetso and are mapping out people's curiosity with the Curious Cubes...

Join the movement

We’re entering an exciting new era and our new name is just the start of it.

When we re-opened on 14 September as We The Curious, we unveiled a revamped café, foyer, and shop space - designed to be a much more open and welcoming space for all.  

The next two years will see our ground floor completely transformed as part of an ambitious project. With funding secured from BEIS and Wellcome, we’ll be asking the city of Bristol what they want to see in our venue and we’ll be building and developing these new experiences together.

But we can't do this alone!

This is a team effort and you can help - whether that’s by letting us know what makes you curious, becoming a member, volunteering with us or donating.

We’re thrilled that Welcome Trust and BEIS are generously supporting our Inspiring Science project, but we now need to match fund to make this dream happen. If you want to hear how you can get involved contact  


Thank you!

...To all of our volunteers, funders, members, visitors and partners who have supported us as At-Bristol for the past 17yrs, we can’t wait to enter this next era together as We The Curious.

Image credit: Paul Blakemore


Curious Cubes – 10,000 questions

Inspired by the curiosity of our city and the questions people ask we’ve created the Curious Cube.

This strange mirrored structure has appeared at different locations, reflecting the beautiful, humorous and thought-provoking questions we often ask ourselves.

Do people see colours the same as me? What is gravity made of? Would my clone think the same as me? 

Are all examples of the curious questions we've been asked - what would yours be?


10,000 questions

Over the next few months our Curious Cube and team will be visiting all the postcodes of Bristol, collecting questions and provoking debate.

We will use these questions to completely redesign the ground floor exhibition space in our venue, so we ​can create an experience together that’s reflective of the things that make you curious about the world around us.

So we’re starting a major project to gather the city’s questions – 10,000 of them in fact – and we’ll use them to create our new space together. 

So tell us what puzzles you – it can be as off the wall or as straight forward serious as you like. 

Drop us an email at, get in touch through social media @we_the_curious using #curiouscubes




We The Curious Board of Trustees

As a charity We The Curious is governed by our Board of Trustees and supported by an Advisory Council.

The following Trustees make up the We The Curious Board at present:

  • Chris Sims: Chairman
  • Simon Cooper
  • Councillor Helen Godwin
  • Councillor Geoff Gollop
  • Nick Jones
  • Kathreena Kurian FRCPath(Neuro)
  • Professor David May FRS
  • Alan Parsons
  • David Sproxton CBE
  • Joanna Stringer
  • Tom Stringer

For information on the We The Curious advisory Council please click on the link below.