Expedition: Solar System 2D

Step inside the Planetarium for a 2D voyage across the Solar System. With multiple missions and destinations to choose from, no two shows are ever the same. Welcome to your very own Expedition: Solar System.

How Much

Tickets £4 | Members £2 (General admission ticket required)



Who for

Recommended age 7+. Not suitable for under 3s.


Available at weekends and during Bristol school holidays. 

In Expedition: Solar System, the Planetarium is a spaceship, with the presenter being its pilot and the audience its crew! Will you be space tourists on the holiday of a lifetime? Or future scientists scouting out locations for new discoveries?

Personalise the expedition by choosing which question we’ll investigate together on our journey through the Solar System.  

Why are moons not planets?

Where in the Solar System could people live?

What is the strangest world in the Solar System?

Each question will take us on a different path through the Solar System, with multiple destinations to choose from.

Would you like to visit a really big moon, or a moon that’s hiding? A planet of robots, or a volcano world? A world where we might find alien life, or a world where we can fly?

This presenter-led show is fully immersive and interactive, not to be missed!

Shows last 30 mins.

Please note: 

  • You'll need to add Planetarium tickets to your shopping basket at the same time as general admission. Unfortunately it's not possible to add them onto your booking at a later date.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Whilst we're doing all we can to run shows as listed, occasionally they can be subject to change.

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