First Floor Gallery

Animate It, Curiosity Zone, Bubbles, Build-It and more...



How Much

Included with a general admission ticket.


Level 1

Who for

All ages

Animate It

Create characters, dream up stories and make your own animations, inspired by Wallace, Gromit, and Shaun the Sheep!

Discover the magic of animation, in collaboration with Bristol animation studio, Aardman Animations.

Bubbles and Build-It

Build-It is just for the under 8s and their grown-ups. In this construction area, younger children can grab a hard hat and take on different roles to build a house from giant bricks.

The beauty and wonder of the 'Bubbles' exhibits are for all ages. Can you climb inside one? How is the air captured and held?

Tinkering Space and Curiosity Zone 

Giant puzzles, construction challenges, topsy-turvy mirrors, musical pipes - make some noise and have fun with the science that's all around us.  

Find some materials in the Tinkering Space. Can you make something that flies? Or build a ball run? 

All about Us 

What does your brain weigh? How do we identify smells?

Discover how our brains and bodies work together in this collection of exhibits all about us. 

Low Light Zone

Play with light, step into a tornado and listen through your feet! This area is full of surprises, tricks and illusions. 

Image credits: Lisa Whiting; Paul Blakemore; Dan Watkiss.

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