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Creating a culture of curiosity

Who are we?

An educational charity
Our vision is to create a culture of curiosity. We believe that science transforms lives and it begins with curiosity. Curiosity is the engine which drives scientific and artistic adventures. It's the seed for beautiful questions which lead to deep learning and new discoveries. We want to empower everyone to ask questions, explore the world and have a voice in shaping our collective futures.

That’s why we are committed to breaking down barriers to nurture anyone’s curiosity. We want to inspire the next generation of inventors, creators, dreamers, and science innovators, whichever postcode of the South West they live in.

Every year thousands of people are inspired by a visit to We The Curious (charity number: 1049954), but we want to remove boundaries around science - connecting art, people, everything, in a united culture of curiosity. Since we receive no direct central government funding, we rely on the ongoing support from you: our visitors, members, grant-makers, corporate supporters, volunteers and more!

With your support we can support everyone to have transformative educational experiences. For example, we can:

  • Carry out special events for children and adults on the autism spectrum, and their families
  • Provide free membership for community groups and local charities,
  • Build on our working relationships with our community partners, and hold special events for communities with limited access to cultural and science activities that are both accessible and relevant

Together we can cultivate curious minds and encourage lifelong learning for people of all ages and backgrounds!


A new name, a new mission

Our mission is to empower everyone to ask questions and get creative - without boundaries between science, art, people and ideas.

We want to change how people see science; science is messy, creative, collaborative, living and for everyone – an integral part of culture. Find out more about our new name here.


How are we going to do it?

We’re collecting questions from everyone, and have collected over 10,000 already. You can give us your own question to inspire our exhibits and our programming, online and in person at our venue.

We’re guided by five key pledges in our Manifesto for a Culture of Curiosity – which are to Cultivate Curiosity, Open Up Science in our City, Enable Diverse Participation, Strive for Sustainable Futures and Build Resilience.


How can you help?

In May 2021 we reopened our doors with Project What If - the first major science centre exhibition in the UK all about the curiosity of a city. With a significant contribution of funding secured from UKRI and Wellcome, we’ll be asking the city of Bristol what they want to see in our venue and we’ll be building and developing these new experiences together.

This is a team effort and you can help - whether that’s by becoming a member, volunteering with us or donating.


The impact of your support

By supporting We The Curious, you will help to:

  • Cultivate experimental minds from diverse audiences from Bristol and beyond
  • Nurture confidence, interest and ability in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)
  • Inspire the next generation of creative STEM innovators
  • Encourage lifelong learning for people of ages

We’re thrilled that Welcome Trust and UKRI are generously supporting our Inspiring Science project, but we now need to match fund to make our ambition a reality. We’re looking for businesses, grant-makers and people who share our values to get involved; if you want to hear how, contact our Development team at 0117 9157 155.


Who has already helped?

Thank you so much to all our volunteers, funders and members – and everyone who visits and works with us to create a culture of curiosity!

Want to get involved?

Give our Development team a call on 0117 9157 155, or drop us a line on


Image credit: Paul Blakemore